Hetraco again at Offshore Energy exhibition

A beautiful yearly event in Amsterdam RAI and Hetraco is present again after 2 succesfull editions in 2016 & 2018. Offshore Energy focuses on...

New 100-Tons Thread-roll machine!

Finally, there he is! After about 8 months of waiting, our new 100-Tons thread-roll machine from the brand Profiroll was installed last week. We...

Hetraco on Maintenance Next exhibition

Hetraco B.V. is active in several segments such as machine building, shipbuilding industry, petrochemical industry but also the maintenance sector....

Almost 800 solar panels on our roof!

At the end of 2018 we had almost 800 solar panels installed on our roof. This project was started in consultation with Beter Duurzaam, whereby we...

Get to work with SMART WORKING

From the province of Gelderland Hetraco was chosen just before the summer to take part in the SMART WORKING project. Continuing to develop our...

Machine manufacturing

Hetraco B.V. supplies certified bolts, nuts and studs for the largest compressors in the world.

Chemical industry

M110 cap nuts and tread ends in a urea production plant.


Hetraco B.V. regularly supplies products to offshore companies, where short delivery times and high quality are a priority.


Hetraco B.V. supplies specials in various alloys to heavy industry, which are produced based on blueprints.