Norm DescriptionImageSpecifications


Parallel pin Specifications

DIN 703

Adjusting ring heavy range / shaft collar Specifications

DIN 705 A/B/C

Adjusting ring / shaft collar
Adjusting ring / shaft collar
Adjusting ring / shaft collar


DIN 787

T-Slot bolt Specifications
DIN 797Special foundation boltSpecifications

DIN 7349

Thick flat washer Specifications

DIN 7379

Hex Socket Shoulder Bolt Specifications

DIN 7603

Sealing washerSpecifications

DIN 7604

Hexagon head screw plugSpecifications

DIN 7967

Self locking counter nutSpecifications

DIN 7968

Hexagon head fit boltSpecifications

DIN 7969

Slotted countersunk head boltSpecifications

DIN 7977

Taper pin with thread and constant threaded partSpecifications

DIN 7978

Taper pin with internal threadSpecifications

DIN 7979

Parallel pin with internal threadSpecifications

DIN 7980

Spring lock washerSpecifications

DIN 7984

Hexagon socket head cap screw (low head)Specifications

DIN 7984 TX

Hexalobular socket head cap screw (low head) (TORX)Specifications

DIN 7985

Cross recessed pan head screw (Philips/Pozidriv/Torx)Specifications

DIN 7990

Hexagonal Head Structural BoltSpecifications

DIN 7991

Countersunk socket head screwSpecifications
DIN 7992Tee-head bolt with large headSpecifications

DIN 7993 A

External snap ringSpecifications

DIN 7993 B

Internal snap ringSpecifications

DIN 7999

High strength hexagon fit boltsSpecifications

DIN 70852

Locking plate for groove nutsSpecifications

DIN 71412 A

Cone lubricating nippleSpecifications

DIN 71412 B

Cone lubricatin nipple 45 degreeSpecifications

DIN 71412 C

Cone lubricatin nipple 90 degreeSpecifications

DIN 71752 E

Spring pin type ES for DIN 71752GSpecifications

DIN 71752 G

Fork jointSpecifications

DIN 71802

Angled ball joints with threaded ball shankSpecifications

DIN 74361 A

Conical hex flange nut (Wheel nut)Specifications

DIN 74361 B

Hex flange nutSpecifications