Taper pinDIN 1 (A/B)Specifications

DIN 125 A/B

FORM A Plain washer without chamfer

FORM B Single chamfer plain washer


DIN 126

Plain washers Specifications

DIN 127 A/B

FORM A Spring lock washer with bend ends

FORM B Spring lock washer with square ends


DIN 186

T-Head bolt with square neckSpecifications

DIN 188

T-Head bolt with double nipSpecifications

DIN 1052

Timber connectorSpecifications

DIN 1440

Washer for clevis pinSpecifications

DIN 1441

Washer for clevis pinSpecifications

DIN 1444 (A/B)

Clevis pin with head, Form A/B, without pin hole / with pin holeSpecifications
DIN 1445Clevis pins with head and threaded portionSpecifications

DIN 1479

Hexagon Turnbuckle nutSpecifications

DIN 1587

Hexagon domed cap nutSpecifications

DIN 1804

Slotted round nutSpecifications

DIN 1816

Round nut, set pin holeSpecifications