DIN 404

Slotted Drilled Fillister Head ScrewSpecifications

DIN 417

Slotted set screws with long dog pointSpecifications

DIN 427

Slotted headless screws with chamfered endSpecifications

DIN 431

Pipe nutSpecifications

DIN 433

Flat washerSpecifications

DIN 436

Square washer (wood construction)Specifications

DIN 438

Slotted Set Screw with cup pointSpecifications

DIN 439

Hexagon Nut - 0,5d ChamferedSpecifications

DIN 440R

Round flat washer for wood constructionSpecifications

DIN 440V

Round flat washer with square holeSpecifications

DIN 444


DIN 464

Knurled thumb screwSpecifications

DIN 465

Slotted knurled thumb screw Specifications

DIN 466

Full knurled nut with collarSpecifications

DIN 467

Thin knurled thumb nutSpecifications

DIN 478

Square head bolt with collarSpecifications

DIN 479

Square head bolt with short dog pointSpecifications

DIN 480

Square head bolt half dog pointSpecifications