Last December (2015) has Mr. Hendriksen , founder of Hetraco B.V. , visited the new building in Apeldoorn. This was very impressive day for him and he was thrilled to see what developments Hetraco B.V. has undergone in recent years.

Hetraco B.V. was founded in 1972 by Herman Hendriksen. The name Hetraco B.V. is an abbreviation of Hendriksen Trading Company. Hendriksen started selling turned, die-cast and bended products to industry and machine manufacturing companies from his home. In 1982, Kees Eindhoven took over Hetraco B.V. and the company shifted its activities more towards the chemical industry and offshore, sectors which require fast delivery of special bolts, nuts and studs. To meet this demand, Mark Eindhoven started his own production company under the name Dutch Bolting Company B.V. In 2004 Hetraco B.V. was also acquired. This resulted in the ideal combination¬† of an organization both purchasing and selling all types of fixing materials available in the market, with the addition of the in-house production of “specials”.

For us this was a great opportunity to take a picture of the “owners” of Hetraco B.V.

Oprichters Hetraco B.V.