Foundation Opkikker puts families with a chronically ill child in the spotlight during Booster Days. This great fun days as a diversion bring much joy. Opkikkerdag Each is unique and all (intangible) is: flying in a helicopter, catch criminals by the police or if a child is back in the hospital for a long time, playing an afternoon in the sandbox. Because of the many hospital visits and admissions together for families with a chronically ill child often not obvious. This is precisely why a Opkikkerdag indispensable. Booster Foundation is committed to in there! Families who use a Booster, be notified by the doctors and pedagogical staff from the hospitals that eighty Foundation collaborates Opkikker. Booster Foundation believes that every child should be able to play in any situation. Because often a child into an adult world that the environment focuses on the illness or disability. Therefore, we offer some distraction and fun, so the child can just be a child. This is achieved by means of special puzzle & color guides, which are aligned with the child.

These guides are issued for six months by the nursing staff or teaching staff and given away to the sick or disabled children. This is accomplished in the following locations, pediatric ward and outpatient clinic of the Gelre Hospital in Apeldoorn / Zutphen and general practitioners, pharmacists, etc.

Thanks to our support foundation Booster can ensure that “the good days still just that little bit longer after many tedious days”.